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I am having trouble logging into my account. What do I do? There are a few different solutions to your log-in problems:

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Newsletter and Winning Email Confirmation

I did not receive my newsletter or winning email confirmation. How can I receive these? Click here for Friends List & Spam Filter Help


Do I need to purchase anything to become a member? No, the program is entirely free.

Can I participate in the program with my Mac? Yes, if you are a Macintosh user, we welcome you to join the program. You are able to receive Points through activities such as Secret Codes, Featured Links, Surveys, Referrals, and use your Points in our Auctions, Raffles/Contests, and The Store.

Can I participate in the program on more than one computer? Yes, just make sure you are logged on to the computer you want to earn Points with. (You can't earn Points simultaneously on both computers, but it is possible to be logged-on to both at the same time.)

If I share my computer with someone else, can we both participate in the program? Yes, but each individual will have to register separately. If you share a computer, make sure you are logged in to the right account each before earning Points.

I signed up twice by accident. Can you combine my accounts? We're sorry, we cannot combine accounts at this time.

Can I use my iPhone, iPad or Android Tablet to interact with the site? Yes, we fully support iPod, iPad and Android users on the following browsers: Safari on iPhone or iPad, default Android browser on Android.

My address is not being accepted. Why? Only valid U.S. addresses are accepted. No Canadian addresses or P.O. Boxes are accepted at this time.


I forgot my password. How do I get it? Click the "Forgot Password" link. Fill in your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password.

How do I access and make changes to my personal profile and shipping address? You may access your Edit Profile and Ship To Address from the "My Account" option from the top of the page. On the Edit Profile page you may change/update password, email, gender, and zip, and on the Ship To Address page you may change/update the shipping address.

I received my prize but it was broken or defective. What do I do? If your prize is defective, please contact the manufacturer directly. If the product arrived broken due to shipping reasons, you must file a claim with the shipping company.

I have a question about the program who do I ask? Just submit your question to Member Support.

What are System Notifications? These are notification emails that are generated and sent by the system automatically. (Such as: Winner Notifications and Prize Cancellations) For this reason, every member must provide a valid email address as a condition of membership. System notifications can not be opted-out from.

Get Points

How do I earn Points To see all Points earning opportunities check out the "Get Points" area.

I referred a friend to the program and I have not received my referral Points. When do I get credited for these Points? You will be credited as soon as your friend confirms his or her registration. Once s/he registers s/he will receive a confirmation email that s/he has to complete. Once s/he does this, you will receive your referral Points. The 10% Primary Referral Points are updated once a week. (Monday A.M.)

Can a friend and I pool our Points together? No, we do not allow for the pooling of Points into one account.

Use Points

How do I know if I won an Auction/Raffles/Contest/The Store? If you win, you will be notified via email within 24 hours of the close of the Auction/ Raffles/Contest/The Store.

I just won an Auction/ Raffles/Contest/The Store ...how do I get my prize?

We ship
For prizes we ship, we offer free shipping to addresses within the continental United States. We will ship your prize to you 3-8 weeks from the closing of the Auction/ Raffles/Contest/The Store(as long as you have provided the correct shipping information). If you need to correct this information, go to the "Ship to Address" page in the "My Account" section.

You pick up
You will also receive a winner notification email with the pick-up details.

How do I place a bid in an Auction? First, choose an Auction you are interested in bidding on. (Be sure that you are logged in so that you have access to the Points you have collected.) Enter a bid between the "minimum" and "maximum" bid increment. Then hit the "place bid" button.

If I am outbid in an Auction, what happens to my Points? Once you are outbid in an Auction, the Points you used to bid with will be rewarded back to your account.

Does the Auction currently support proxy bidding? Proxy bidding is not currently offered in the Auctions.

Can I cancel or retract my bid? No, once a bid is placed, it cannot be canceled or retracted.

What is overtime? When an Auction reaches its closing time, the Auction will remain open if there is active bidding. This allows everyone who wishes to place a bid to do so. The Auction will continue until there are no active bids for a set amount of time. Overtime is very much like an auctioneer yelling going...going...gone at the end of a traditional auction. This creates a fair opportunity for everyone who wishes to participate in the Auction.

Is there any limit to the number of Auctions or Raffles/Contests I can win? Members can win 1 Auction or Raffles/Contests per 30-day period, per member.

How do I enter a Raffles/Contest? First choose a Raffles/Contest you are interested in entering (be sure that you are logged in so that you have access to the Points you have collected). Enter the number of entries you would like in the "Qty of Entries" box - each Raffles/Contest will indicate the Points needed per entry. Then hit the "Submit Entry" button. Points will be deducted from your account once you submit your entry.

How many Raffles/Contest entries can I get? You can exchange your Points for as many Raffles/Contest entries as you want. In fact, the more you buy, the better your chances of winning!

I have a question about the Auction/Raffles/Contest/The Store...who do I ask? Just submit your question to Member Support.


What are XP/Leaderboard Credits? Both the XP Ranks and Badges are awarded based on your interactions with the program and are for bragging rights only. These points cannot be redeemed for prizes and have no bearing on your total points balance. XP stands for 'Experience Points', and are collected over time for the amount of participation one has with the system. So, the more you interact with the site the more XP you will earn.

Why did I not get XP for that Trivia? There are 3 reasons why you may not get credit.

  1. There is a cap on the amount of XP credit that you can receive at one time. You can enter Survey, Listen & Win, and Trivia instances at a maximum rate of 1 question per 60 seconds. Any activity which exceeds this cap will not be credited with XP, or count towards your standing on the leaderboards found at the right-hand side of the program. Unfortunately, there is currently no way for us to manually credit XP in cases where your activity pace exceeds this cap. To ensure that you receive credit for all instances that you interact with, it's best to wait 2 minutes between instance interactions.
  2. The "Discovery Mon-Fri Trivia FUN" and "Healthcare Points Zone!" generally contain a mix of instances which credit XP, and those which do not. You can tell whether an instance will be crediting XP by the type of participation required. If you read an article, then return to the rewards page to enter an answer, you will receive both Traditional Points and XP. For the type of quizzes where you do NOT need to enter an answer on the rewards page after taking them, you will receive points only. No XP will be credited for this second content type.
  3. You may not have Cookies enabled on all sites. Please verify that you are accepting all 3rd party cookies.

Are Leaderboard/XP points redeemable? Bear in mind that XP is completely different than Traditional Points. XP credit cannot be redeemed for any prizing opportunities at this time, and is only a visual representation of your participation in the program. Traditional Points are what you use for prizing, and they are earned regardless of the type of points earning instance you interact with.