Welcome to the
WXCY Loyal Listener Club!



Earn your fair share of the prizes you hear given away on the radio. It's easy and it's fun! You earn points by listening for keywords on 103.7 WXCY. We'll give you several keywords every day, worth a variety of points. Input those keywords at this website to score your points. You can also get bonus keywords at select WXCY appearances and participating sponsors.

When you've racked up enough points, bid on cool stuff like concert tickets, vacations, CDs, WXCY Studio Sessions, and more. We'll offer an exciting, on-line auction at least once per month.

To get started, click on "register" and fill out the form. You'll earn 600 points just for registering! To score points with your keywords, click on "Get Points!" To check the status of your account, click on "View Points." To look at some of the great prizes up for bid at the next auction, click on "Auctions."

On auction day go to the "Auctions" section and bid on any item. If you are the highest bidder, the prize is yours. You only spend points when you win the bidding.

That's it! The more you listen to WXCY, the more points you can earn by collecting keywords.

So register now, then tune to 103.7 FM and start earning fabulous prizes just for listening to WXCY.

Remember, like all WXCY contests, the Loyal Listener Club is only open to residents in the immediate broadcast listening area of WXCY. This is not a national contest so you have a much greater opportunity to earn great prizes. Have fun!